About me …

“Optimistic & Perfectionist” … this is how I would briefly express myself in almost every aspect in life.
I am a geotechnical engineer and a full-stack programmer.
Born in Iraq in 1990, finished my primary school with flawless 100/100 grade in 2002. Proudly ranked as #1 student in gifted-students high school’s IQ entrance exam (GRE Quantitative Reasoning Equivalent) and graduated from there with 89/100 overall (class of 2008).
I started my adventure in Civil Engineering – Bachelor program in EMU / TRNC in 2008. Graduated from there in 3.5 years (7 semesters) as department’s #1 student (Class of 2012) with 7 High Honor Student titles. Graduation project was a state-of-the-art investigation on mass production for adobe bricks.
I then started my Master of Science program in Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) / Ankara – TURKEY and finished in 2015. My thesis was a fabulous study with the amazing MIT-Assoc. Prof. Kartal Toker on (Development of Computer-Controlled Triaxial Test Setup and Study on Multistage Triaxial Test on Sand).

Work life

My work life started in 2012, among what I can easily call family at ALFA Testing Equipment as Sales Engineer. I am currently working in the same lovely ALFA as Deputy General Manager, and (directly or indirectly) responsible for CRM, Sales, Programming (Embedded & PC Software), Technical Support, Electronics, Manufacturing Follow-Up, Logistics Follow-Up, Digitalization & Enterprise Solutions, R&D, Information Technology, Graphic Design & Labelling, and some few more 🙂

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